Youth & Families

Our Mission and Hopes for Children and Youth at ORUCC

The Rev. Tammy Martens has been our Associate Pastor for Children, Youth and Families since January 2007.  Under her leadership, we have developed both multi age programs and a roadmap for our work from birth to 18.

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At Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ we believe that children are spiritual beings who come to us as gifts from God. Our hopes for each child who participates in the Christian Education and Spiritual Formation programming are the following:

  1. Our children and youth will grow in their faith and understanding of God and will be challenged by the teachings of Jesus and endeavor to follow in the ways of Christ.
  2. Our children and youth will be exposed to spiritual practices that will assist them in their spiritual growth and formation.
  3. Our children and youth will be nurtured, supported and challenged to grow in their faith by the larger church community.
  4. Our children and youth will study and be exposed to the world religions and discover and respect different faith traditions.
  5. Our children will discern their purpose and vocation in life as children of God.

Tammy Martens is always happy to talk at more length about how this church can serve the needs of your children or your family.  Contact her at 271-7212 or