Sunday Morning Offerings for Children and Youth (2017)


High School: Second Sunday of the month, High School youth are invited to 9:00 Sunday School for discussion on relevant topics of the day. Co-facilitators: Barbara Stretchberry, Megan Piper.

Middle School: Youth will learn and explore confirmation based topics that include spiritual formation experiences and service projects that align with our overall goals. We will study the life of Jesus with special emphasis on our role as Christ’s followers to live out the values of reconciliation, justice, peace, and non-violence.   Tammy Martens leading.

4th/5th Graders: We will begin with a huge art project!! The class will design their very own mural that they will paint on one of the walls in their Sunday School room (first room at bottom of the stairs). After this project the kids will begin doing activities and discussions around the topic of friendship. Teachers: Jenny Dobbins and Kristin Muckian.

2nd/3rd Graders: We will be using a book called “Science, Kids, and Christian Education.” Some of the topics we will cover are air and water, light and sound, energy, force, and motion. The kids will be able to do lots of science experiments each Sunday. They will also spend some time considering bible passages that have to do with these topics. We will discover how we can understand these concepts in different ways. Teachers: Monica Weiss, Rachael Lancor, Brian Lancor.

Kindergarten/First Grade: The children will be seeing, hearing, and touching stories that have to do with Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and also stories about the early church. We use the curriculum Following Jesus by Sonja Stewart. All the stories are told using a tray of materials. The kids will have candle lighting time, and a feast (snack) at the end of the hour. For the first 15 minutes of the class, Julie Mazer will lead the kids in singing and music. Teachers: Julie Horst, Terah Shober-Graves.

Preschool: The children will be seeing, hearing, touching stories from the Old and New Testament. We use The Worship Center written by Sonja Stewart who also authored Following Jesus. The preschool children follow the same format and schedule as the kindergarten and first graders which includes music time. Teachers: Emily Lloyd,   Jennifer Walker.

Nursery Care: Provided from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Sunday.

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