ORUCC is a Sanctuary Church and a member of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition

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On June 18, 2017, ORUCC voted to become a sanctuary congregation.  At that time we made a commitment to engage in support, advocacy and service to our undocumented brothers and sisters.

At the core of this commitment is our offering of safe sanctuary to an individual or family who may be facing deportation. Until we host a guest we won’t have all of the details of what will be needed. What we do know however is that we will need a core base of volunteers to carry out the logistics of supporting that individual or family.

We are also a founding member of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition   – an interfaith effort to create as many sanctuary sites as possible in Dane County.  Members of our Sanctuary Mission Team serve on the Steering Committee and other work teams of the larger coalition.

This site will list events sponsored by both the Dane Sanctuary Coalition and our congregation.

Coming Up:

Dane Sanctuary Coalition Gathering
Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Tuesday, April 24 from 7-8:30 pm
This is a gathering for all DSC congregations. We’ll explore with local immigration lawyers ways the coalition can be helpful to those seeking documentation while we are waiting to be a host congregation.
Questions – contact Baxter Richardson or Winton Boyd




WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO FILL OUT THE VOLUNTEER SURVEY (see link above).  This will give us contact information for upcoming trainings and advocacy efforts.

Orchard Ridge UCC Sanctuary Mission Team includes:

Baxter Richardson – baxter.2614@charter.net

Marv Beatty – mtbeatty@wisc.edu

Jill Westberg – jillwestberg@gmail.com

Kimberly Miller – kamiller2@gmail.com

Susan Watson – susanjanepilates@gmail.com

Susan Cary – susan@carysign.com

Marty Bero – martybero@gmail.com

Ruthanne Landsness – ruthanne.landsness@gmail.com

Ron Adams – pastor@madison-mennonite.org

LuAnn Greiner – greinerlu@gmail.com

Joyce Pohl – japohl@gmail.com

Winton Boyd – winton@orucc.org

Ian Aley – ian.aley@gmail.com

Matthew Westfox – matthewwestfos@gmail.com

Kathi Kemp – batonrouger2@yahoo.com

Megan Bjella – mbjella@gmail.com

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