The risen life of Jesus is this community fully alive with the sharing of gifts of love and kindness!

Who is it that is your Saul? Who is it that is your least likely person you can imagine God using and speaking through?

I thought today would be a perfect day, as we celebrate the rite of confirmation, to listen to the voices of our elders and have them share with us their wisdom about Christian commitment and what it means to belong to a Christian community.

For me believing in the resurrection of Jesus isn’t about proving if Jesus was actually resuscitated, but it’s about understanding that the resurrection is God’s alternative to the myths of violence.

Today, we’ve arrived. Jerusalem stands before us and the import of everything we have seen and heard comes together in this moment – the miracles, the teachings, the predictions of suffering and death – and we are faced with a question.

The church is the alternative community, in which we lavish love not only on one another but on the neighbors who live around us.

Jesus calls us not just out of the cave, but to unbind our past, to take responsibility for groping and doing better.

Repentance is about changing how we look at the world.

Who doesn’t want to be relevant? We want to be people who do things, solve problems, prove things, build things.

We are really smart, we are really learned, we have the right theology, we have the right people in the right places, we have the right resources…but we still need Jesus.