The universe is ever creating, ever giving itself to us, so that we might give in return.

Sisters and brothers, we are standing in the water.  Let us look up and find the Spirit that blows through all things and will renew us in this time.

I’m not one who fears for the future of the wider church.  It’s my sense that amidst the dramatic changes and declines Christendom has seen in recent decades, the Spirit of God is alive among us birthing new seeds for faith-based communities that will continue to offer something to our culture and to their attendees. […]

Our 4th and final Sunday of Advent has us consider the theme of hope. We know that hope is an essential element of our faith. But what is it exactly that we have hope in? What is it about the Christian story that gives you hope? If you look at the titles of the coming […]

…We gather because these stories remind us that for all the craziness of our social lives and our personal lives – our historic faith was born amidst even crazier rulers, additional migrants looking for a home, natives who offered no place for a pregnant woman to rest… Audio version of the Christmas Homily Our family […]

If we’re paying attention, we’ll see the dawn of redeeming grace in our lives over and over again, in small and large ways. Audio version of Dawn of Redeeming Grace Psalm 130: 1, 5-7 Out of the depths, I cry to you! I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in her word I […]

Into the hearts of a people always under the rule and law of foreign powers, a story is told of beauty, glory and awe coming to shepherds in the field at night.  In the face of oppression, poverty, discrimination and state sponsored fear, we get a story of new birth.  An audio version of “Deep […]

“This seems to be at the heart of being a progressive Christian today; living in these edge spaces, these transition zones that provide rich opportunity and insight.  It is in these in-between spaces, these ecotones of faith, that we have the opportunity for growth, for evolution, for engagement in a way not possible before, and […]

We talk often in the church about how the ‘children’ are the future. We love a joyful baptism and the way it reaffirms a life stream that beckons from deep within each one of us. But I have come to believe that it is the combination of birth and death that makes a church community […]

Earlier this year, I heard a story about baby boomer grandparents.  More than any other generation before them, baby boomers have resisted the term ‘grandpa or grandma, grandfather or grandmother.’ The author of the story remarked, “however mightily my peers may pine for grandchildren and adore them when they arrive, some don’t want to acknowledge […]