Who doesn’t want to be relevant? We want to be people who do things, solve problems, prove things, build things.

We are really smart, we are really learned, we have the right theology, we have the right people in the right places, we have the right resources…but we still need Jesus.

Jesus leads his disciples away from the pyramids of empire into the circle of God’s kin-dom of love.

It’s not always good feeling that goes with the Good News.

Jesus calls me to be a catcher of people…[but] Jesus is much more of a catch-and-release guy.

It’s not somebody else’s problem to be a loving community, it’s not somebody else’s job to reach out, it is yours.

All of us—facing the stars / Hope—a new constellation / Waiting for us to map it, / Waiting for us to name it—together.

The universe is ever creating, ever giving itself to us, so that we might give in return.

Sisters and brothers, we are standing in the water.  Let us look up and find the Spirit that blows through all things and will renew us in this time.

I’m not one who fears for the future of the wider church.  It’s my sense that amidst the dramatic changes and declines Christendom has seen in recent decades, the Spirit of God is alive among us birthing new seeds for faith-based communities that will continue to offer something to our culture and to their attendees. […]