We are called to be followers of what Jesus did, regardless of where we find ourselves.

One way to make peace with the Bible is by being honest about where the Bible gets it right and where it gets it wrong.

Why did Jesus need to be baptized?

How can we open our hearts to find room for that child, the laughter and joy Jesus brings into our lives?

Through Jesus we come to discover the Way that embraces all Ways.

What is it that we hope to be born this Christmas?

This story underscores the importance of taking our walk of faith seriously, to test what it is we think we know, to listen to people who might think differently, because they may have something to teach us.

Very often we just trade one hierarchy for another, but Jesus undermines the entire idea of hierarchies.

This Advent season may we find ways to take on this supreme religious challenge of seeing God’s image in someone who is not in our image and offer them welcome.

How can we be a non-anxious presence in the midst of the chaos, confusion and calamity of our lives?