Let’s practice “readiness” and “resilience,” knowing that the Holy Spirit is a very mysterious, sometimes scary, visitor at our door.

As we give primary focus to social justice issues, do we sometimes underemphasize how to give attention to our inner lives?

Transfiguration Sunday is a pivot point between the Jesus that we want to have and the Jesus that we get.

Nobody really likes rules.

A pinch of kindness goes a long way.

We live in a culture that is obsessed with winning…if we change from talking about what we do to why we do it, it changes the response.

We are called to be followers of what Jesus did, regardless of where we find ourselves.

One way to make peace with the Bible is by being honest about where the Bible gets it right and where it gets it wrong.

Why did Jesus need to be baptized?

How can we open our hearts to find room for that child, the laughter and joy Jesus brings into our lives?