This year Earth Day was observed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  This pandemic has brought pain, suffering, and death to people around the world. 

Reflections on John 20:19-31 (Jesus Appears to the Disciples & Thomas) -Second Sunday of Easter 

Reflections on Matthew 28:1-10 (Resurrection of Jesus) 

Will we be bathed in the light of resurrection? Will sorrow give way to joy? Will evil be overcome with goodness, mercy and grace?

What have your prayers been like? What are you asking to be saved from? 

What does our faith have to say about living in this time?

Christianity will not go away. And perhaps we might learn some things from one another if we open our hearts and minds during this time of upheaval.

Let’s practice “readiness” and “resilience,” knowing that the Holy Spirit is a very mysterious, sometimes scary, visitor at our door.

As we give primary focus to social justice issues, do we sometimes underemphasize how to give attention to our inner lives?

Transfiguration Sunday is a pivot point between the Jesus that we want to have and the Jesus that we get.