Sanctuary Mission Team offers two educational sessions

The Sanctuary Mission Team has scheduled two programs to help us further understand immigrants in Dane County and beyond. 

The first program is March 4th @ 9:00 – 9:45am and will feature Fabiola Hamdan. She will be talking about the immigrant community in Dane County and her work with undocumented people. Baxter Richardson will facilitate.

Fabiola Hamdan is a bilingual, bi-cultural Senior Social Worker with the Dane County Department of Human Services. She is the first Immigration Affairs Specialist. Fabiola immigrated from Bolivia 32 years ago. She went to UW Madison and got her masters degree in social work. For 18 years, Fabiola has facilitated the Darbo Worthington Joining Forces for Families team comprised of 8 to 12 police, school, public health, and other human service professionals. The team provides collaborative service to specific families and implements community projects designed to improve quality of life in this neighborhood. 

 She will be discussing immigrants’ communication systems among themselves, the working conditions they face (often dangerous), and their methods of coping with current policies on immigration. Mark Beatty will facilitate.

Tekla is a Madison native with extensive knowledge of and experience with immigrant issues. Her husband is an immigrant, and Tekla is the owner and operator of a home cleaning company that employs immigrants. 

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