Rising: Spirit, Voice, Stirrings in the Movement for Justice – March 17 at ORUCC

A joint program offered by Orchard Ridge UCC and Good Shepherd ELCA.  Led by Regina LaRoche (see her bio below)

Saturday, March 17


Cost – $20.00

Click here to pay/register 

RISING integrates performance and some media offering with simple group movement and story activities; as well as community response and conversation. The focus is on issues of justice and inequity, and the strength of intersectional justice movements… And, depending on where the conversations go, we explore being human and a citizen of a world/earth community.  The concept is that the community building activities pave the way for connections to yield honest conversation; and that the artistic offerings open us all and invite deeper responses. We hope these responses translate into the rise of just and healing action.

“Rising:  Spirit, Voice, Stirrings in the Movement for Justice”
This four-hour offering includes:
performed song, dance, & story/spoken word;
media excerpts;
community building using simple movement and story sharing;
interaction and conversation.

The themes represented range from slavery, to the Civil Rights Movement, to Black Lives Matter, to the Women’s March, to Native American Stands, and more.  The convergence and intersectionality of these movements for justice are examined as a hopeful sign of healing in our world.

This offering is an invitation to engage on multiple levels the narratives and strength of marginalized communities.  It is also an invitation to discover and deepen the connections between us all.

About Regina…

The offerings of Regina M. Laroche, of DIASPORA ARTS rise from the intersection of art and the unifying stories of humanity, earth, and those with whom we share this existence. Regina’s story, dance, creative guidance & work are shaped by her life of small scale farming, family, and community on the edge of Lake Superior. Furthermore her life and art are influenced by her mother’s rural South Carolina upbringing, her father’s Haitian Afro-Caribbean culture, the Two-Year Academy for Spiritual Formation, her own travel and cultural experiences, training in spiritual direction, InterPlay, worship with a variety of churches, and a theatre degree from St. Catherine University.

She guides retreats, workshops, classes, and celebrations. Regina has worked with a wide range of ages locally, throughout the country, and overseas.

Regina believes that our bodies and stories are the common ground from which to dance our connections with ourselves, the earth, each other, and all that is.


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