Open and Affirming

Since 1993, ORUCC has been an official “Open and Affirming Congregation” in the United Church of Christ.  What began as a welcome to Gay and Lesbian people has evolved to a more specific welcome to people of all orientations, gender expressions and gender identities.

We are proud of our ONA work.  This has included a gay pastor and a bi sexual pastor.  The Leadership in every area of our program has been richly blessed by people of all types.  This includes the role of moderator, Sunday School teacher, youth trip leader, church treasurer, musicians, gardeners and outreach work of all kinds.

In addition, the church has been involved in advocacy of all kinds.  This has included taking an official stance to oppose the 2006 Constitutional Amendment in Wisconsin which banned gay marriage.

We have also served as a resource for other churches, organizations and student groups as they have explored a variety of questions and issues related to Open and Affirming life.

Every Sunday, as you enter our church, you will see rainbow banners proudly displayed.  We’d be happy to officiate at the marriage of any who feel called by God to join their lives in a service of prayer and love.

We work and pray for the day when all people are honored without discrimination in all areas of life.

In 2013, we celebrated 20 years of being Open and Affirming by creating a video with members describing why ONA was important to them.  Watch it here