Giving Permission to Lament

During our October 15 worship service, we focused on laments – those cries to God for justice, healing, hope or help.  We are seeking to name our anguish and just as importantly, learn to offer that anguish to God in prayer.  This was our opening prayer.


O God, will it never stop? Pain falls on pain like snow on snow.

 Just when we think we might stand, we are pushed down again. Is there no end to it?

The wounds cannot close, for they are constantly hit.

The infection oozes pus, and we are beginning to think that we will be fevered forever.

Only you, O Holy One, can stop the avalanche.

Only you can dig beneath the pus to find us.

Come, O Healer of the nations, come and give us hope,

for we have trusted in you as those who have come before us.

We hope, O Healer of Souls, that you are not far away, that you will not forsake us,

but will stitch our wounds so that we might gain the strength to serve you once more.

 O Listening One, hear our prayer.

(Ann Weems, Psalms of Lament. “Lament Psalm 21”, adapted)

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