About Us

About Page:

Spiritually Alive, Joyfully Inclusive, Committed to Justice.

    • This is the briefest and most succinct way we can define ourselves.

However, if we have more time and a few more words we would say Orchard Ridge UCC is a member of the United Church of Christ . We consist of approximately 500 members from the Madison/Dane County area. We are a progressive congregation trying to make the Christian faith relevant in today’s world. We are deeply committed to social action, a vibrant worship life, and a ministry with children and youth. We welcome visitors and guests at all our functions.

As a member of the United Church of Christ, we are a covenantal rather than a creedal church. Our commitment, expressed through our church covenant, is to walk together in the journey of faith. While a distinctly Christian congregation, we welcome theological inquiry, insights from other faiths, and those with serious questions and doubts. Seekers and doubters abound in our midst among guests and members alike.

The Orchard Ridge UCC Covenant

Believing in the Creator, in the Christ, and in the Holy Spirit: we covenant together in this church to walk in the ways of God known or to be made known to us. As a community of concern, we pledge ourselves to worship together, learn together, and work together to further the cause of human unity.

We are an Open and Affirming church
In 1993, by a congregational vote, we became an Open and Affirming congregation. This means that we are open and affirming of all people regardless of age, race, culture, sexual orientation and economic status. For many years we have had a group called Spiritually Affirming Friends Everywhere (SAFE) which functions as a fellowship and advocacy group for the LGBT community. We are also a part of an ecumenical coalition, Coming Out, Coming Together.

We are a Safe Sanctuary church
In 2004, we voted to become a Safe Sanctuary congregation and have enacted volunteer policies to ensure that all children and youth are safe from physical and sexual abuse. We have established a Safe Sanctuary Team which administers our policies, screens our volunteers and provides education to the congregation on this important issue.