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A Boydseye View

There’s so much bad news these days. Amidst hurricanes and flooding here in the USA and across the globe in India, a group of evangelical clergy wrote something called the Nashville Statement. I’m not sure why they felt a need now to come together to condemn same sex love, but 140 of them signed it late in August. I wrote this on my Facebook page a couple of days later.

So, 150 people (I assume mostly white and mostly male) went public AGAIN with their anti gay rhetoric. Why is this a story? Just the UCC has 1400 churches that are officially open and affirming of LGBTQ friends. Why does the stance of exclusion always make the news while the ministry of inclusion that goes on day in and day out across this land does not warrant a shout out and a photo montage. In the case of Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ, this has been the case “officially” since 1993. Love Over Fear. Love Wins.

As we begin the fall with immigration issues and tax cuts and health care on the national agenda, with the rhetoric and actions of hate and white supremacy rising and gaining credibility, we will have ample ways to RESIST the direction of country.

At the same time, I’m looking for ways to deepen love, broaden joy and proclaim hope. I’m looking for ways to say “YES!” to the values that promote the common good, that rise from a robust faith, and that seek to impact change in positive ways. That will include promoting causes we believe in, as well as canning tomatoes, baking bread, riding bikes, cheering at football games, and preparing our yards for the upcoming winter. It will include a host of musical events and plays and intriguing lectures. It will surely show up as we tutor, make beds for IHN guests, or coach a youth athletic team. We’ll promote love in simple thank you notes, long letters, surprise gifts and meals with friends.

At church we’ll explore the Psalms, those persistent songs of God’s people (see separate article), explore new approaches to addressing homelessness, deepen our awareness of immigration issues, eat tacos and give or take free stuff. I hope and pray through these troubling and crazy national times that we can balance our resistance with acts of kindness, prayers of hope and opportunities for community.

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