Sanctuary Discussion Schedule and Materials

In our last newsletter, I introduced the fact that a mission team had been formed to guide us in a process to explore becoming a sanctuary church.  You can read that article here.

The educational and conversational process is now firming up.  What we are sharing below is a tentative schedule for topics to be discussed.  While the order may change, the topics that will be covered will remain the same.  We are drawing on local resources to help us – both legal and those more in touch with the situation in Madison and Wisconsin with undocumented residents.

Because these are big topics, the sessions will begin at 8:45 a.m. on the following Sundays.  As a sister congregation, Madison Mennonite will be hosting similar conversations and will invite their members to our sessions. If our presenters give us permission, we will record these sessions as well.  Please note that the last session is primarily a conversation to process how to move forward.  The only action that would require a congregational vote would be the decision to become a full Sanctuary church, which would include offering our space to shelter someone if it’s needed.  Please consult our weekly email for updated information on these sessions.

Beginning Sunday, written material we be available in the Crossroads for you to read if you’d like.  By that time, we’ll also post the same material on the church website.  The mission team members are Ron Adams (Madison Mennonite) Marv Beatty, Susan Cary, LuAnn Greiner, Paul Hedges, Ruthanne Landsness, Winton Boyd).
Tentative Schedule: (Sunday mornings 8:45-9:50)
April 30 –
Legal Issues involved

  • Issues for sheltering churches
  • Legal realities for undocumented in our community

May 14 – What’s happening in Madison currently

  • Needs of undocumented in our city
  • Developing a Rapid Response Network for churches who want to be a Support Church.
  • Learning about the congregational network developing in Madison.

May 21 – Logistics of Being a Sanctuary Shelter  

  • Who would we be asked to shelter; nuts and bolts of sheltering; real time decision making
  • Ecumenical support

June 4 – Open Conversation
Structured session for feedback, concerns, affirmations.  After this conversation, the Mission Team would decide which motion to recommend to a congregational meeting. Such a congregational meeting would be called by the Leadership Team on or before June 8.

June 18 – Congregational meeting and vote if needed.


Materials that may help you understand some of the issues

Informational Handout

Frequently Asked Questions from the ACLU