Bread as Peacemaking, preached by Ken Pennings on March 1

ken in winter

What I really love about Sara Miles’ book “Take This Bread” is that she really gets how feeding people is a sacred act.

“Taste and (Really) See,” preached by Winton Boyd on February 22

Winton Racine 2014

Taste today’s food. See that God is good and can be trusted.

“The Nagging Question of Greatness” preached by Winton Boyd on February 15

Winton Boyd

This time I was “doing a dance” on behalf of Audrey. I was driving that chair on behalf of Audrey. I wasn’t a fraud, I was driving for Audrey, feeling, I imagined, like she did in that chair.

“Who Do You Say I Am? An Invitation not a Litmus Test” preached by Winton Boyd on February 8

Winton Racine 2014

…In her mind the inclusivity she saw suggested we weren’t really Christian. I wanted to embrace a version of Christianity that can include that inter-faith inclusivity. I wanted to her to know that there is such a thing as an inclusive feeling “Christian” church accepting of a wide range of understandings.

Teach Your Children Well, preached by Winton Boyd on February 1.

Winton Racine 2014

It is worthy of our time and energy, not because we need more churchgoers, but we face the question ‘how well equipped are our children to live in the world as mature, growing, compassionate and loving people of faith?’ They are living into a much more complex and varied spiritual landscape that most of us grew into, so judging success by church attendance as adults seems too narrow a gauge. Can they, in their independence and giftedness, use the tools and mentoring they’ve been given to navigate a spiritual life that has meaning and value for them and for others?