Honoring the Voiceless – Reflections from a Borderlands Immersion Trip, April 19th


Some moving reflections on the issues around immigration from members of our Borderlands Immersion trip.

The Layering of Love, preached by Winton Boyd on April 12th

Borderlinks hosts: Cecelia Lopez (left) and Grace Dover (right) and Winton Boyd

A visit with Lupe Castillo of KEEP TUCSON TOGETHER on our Borderlands Immersion Trip inspired me to think about the many layers of our identity as children of God.

All Around Us worlds are Dying and New Worlds are Being Born, preached by Winton Boyd on Easter Sunday


The Seed of God in Jesus meets the Seed of God in Us

Spiritual Memory – A Palm Sunday Reflection, preached by Winton Boyd on March 29, 2015

Winton Racine 2014

The gift of story telling by those with Alzheimer’s helped me see the power of Palm Sunday in a new way. A story of memory, the present moment and the journey of faith.

Bread for All in a Gluten Free World, preached by Winton Boyd on March 15, 2015


I think the king in today’s parable felt confused, off balance, and disoriented. He turned to violence…Ralph Waldo Emerson may have summed it up the best when he wrote, “People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.”