“I Trust in God Alone – I Trust in God, Indeed,” preached by Winton Boyd on July 12, 2015


Sometimes it is the less familiar translation of a word that opens up new avenues for exploring our faith. Psalm 62 offers one of these opportunities.

“Shepherding 101″, preached by Kellen Roggenbuck on July 5th


Sheep can only see a distance of about 6 feet. Getting lost, then, happens six feet at a time. Kellen used this image as he reflected on the life of faith.

To Be Faithful in How We are Living, preached by Winton Boyd on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Winton Boyd

A faithful reflection on the power of love and hate in the wake of a week with important Supreme Court decisions and the funeral of leading pastor, politician and voice for justice.

Where God Hangs Out, preached by Ken Penning’s on June 21, 2015


There are potentially an unlimited number of transformative God-moments in every day.

This Notion of a Personal God, preached by Tammy Martens on June 14

I love this Psalm—I love every word of it. It has come to be known as a liturgy of blessing for one about to leave on a journey.