Aspirations of a Justice Seeking Faith, preached by Winton Boyd on Sunday, November 23.


Midwesterners are known for being nice and civilized and friendly – and this is good – until it is not.

Prerequisites for Peace in Palestine, preached by The Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek on November 9


Words from an inspiring guest

What the Heck Do We Know About Anything?


Karl Rahner once said, “If you are talking about God, and anything that has to do with God …and you are sure you know what you are talking about, you are heretic.”

Gateful That We Are More Alike Than Different, preached by Tammy Martens on October 26


We are challenged then to change the prayer from “Thank God that I am not like other people” to “God, I thank you that my well-being is bound up with all people and with all of creation.”

A Scientist and a Pastor Walk into Church, by Chuck Kaspar and Winton Boyd on October 19, 2014


We will link understandings of ancient and current scientific phenomena with ancient and current spirituality. We do so with the firm belief that the two are tied together, coming from the same sources of understanding and experience.