Spirit Guides for Life’s Journey – Befriended by Grace, preached by Ken Pennings on September 27, 2015

ken in winter

Everyone, regardless of religious beliefs or the lack thereof, has some kind of first-hand experience with GRACE!

The Geographies of Grace in our Lives, preached by Winton Boyd on September 13, 2015

Birch Reflections, Council Lake, Hiawatha National Forest, Alger County, Michigan

If we can listen, you and I know that different geographies help broaden our understanding – or remind us – of the varied forms hope and power and tenacity and resilience.

Refocusing on What Really Matters, preached by Ken Pennings on August 30, 2015

ken in winter

Though we believe there are more important things in life than making lots of money or accumulating lots of stuff, hardly a day goes by that our beliefs aren’t put to the test.

Psalm 150- Don’t Rush the Hallelujahs! preached by Winton Boyd on August 23, 2015

Winton Boyd

If we persist in prayer, laugh and cry, doubt and believe, struggle and dance and then struggle again, we will surely end up at (Psalm 150)…

Psalm 30 and Thin Moments, preached by Winton Boyd on August 16, 2015

Iona Abbey

But seeking literal truth or lock step agreement with the psalmist is not why we use them in worship. “The purpose is less propositional and more sacramental…”