I Too Have a Dream, preached by Ken Pennings on Sept. 25, 2016

I too have a dream — that black children will rate highly on achievement tests, that black youths will be protected by the police, that black criminals charged with crimes of poverty will be released from prison and trained for new jobs, that young black leaders will create new solutions for the oppression they face.

Discovering & Using Our Gifts to Help Others, preached by Leah Narans on September 4, 2016

The sower wanted a fruitful harvest. The seed that landed in the rich soil brought forth grain, lots of grain!!!

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, preached by Kasey DeWitt on August 28, 2016

If we have the courage to listen and feel our soul, the part of us that is mourning,..if we make a choice to actively walk through the pain, we will be comforted.

Living in the Moment, preached by Ken Pennings on Aug. 21, 2016

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

The Platinum Rule, preached by Deanna Blanchard on August 14th, 2016

To change a culture we have to individually and collectively put other’s needs before our own all day, every day.