Bread for All in a Gluten Free World, preached by Winton Boyd on March 15, 2015


I think the king in today’s parable felt confused, off balance, and disoriented. He turned to violence…Ralph Waldo Emerson may have summed it up the best when he wrote, “People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.”

Meeting Jesus – Addressing our Hunger, by Winton Boyd on March 8.


…the truth is that an authentic religious life – one rooted in compassion and cognizant of the hungers of our lives, connects to us God in a way that is “deep, non rational, desiring.”

Bread as Peacemaking, preached by Ken Pennings on March 1

ken in winter

What I really love about Sara Miles’ book “Take This Bread” is that she really gets how feeding people is a sacred act.

“Taste and (Really) See,” preached by Winton Boyd on February 22

Winton Racine 2014

Taste today’s food. See that God is good and can be trusted.

“The Nagging Question of Greatness” preached by Winton Boyd on February 15

Winton Boyd

This time I was “doing a dance” on behalf of Audrey. I was driving that chair on behalf of Audrey. I wasn’t a fraud, I was driving for Audrey, feeling, I imagined, like she did in that chair.