A Boydseye View: Being the Church and Being a Man

Part of being the church is building healthy communities of men.

Tammy’s Time – Coexist

Every three years we offer a class for middle school youth called Coexist. This class is a study of the 5 major religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Ken’s Pennings – Wayfinding for Seniors

Stay tuned for new developments as the Spirit of God moves in, with and through the senior adults of ORUCC!

From Your Pastors: Safe Sanctuary Policy—Important Procedures for Our Church

Recent events have reinforced the importance and power of a congregational commitment to being a “Safe Sanctuary” Church for all children.

Tammy’s Time – What’s Up with Lent?

We first made Lenten pretzels. It is believed that pretzels were made as a modest snack during Lent since fasting from meat, cheese and other goodies was practiced.