From Your Pastors: Safe Sanctuary Policy—Important Procedures for Our Church

Recent events have reinforced the importance and power of a congregational commitment to being a “Safe Sanctuary” Church for all children.

Tammy’s Time – What’s Up with Lent?

We first made Lenten pretzels. It is believed that pretzels were made as a modest snack during Lent since fasting from meat, cheese and other goodies was practiced.

A Boydseye View: Remember You Are Dust

We left not with a sign of magic on our faces, but with a reminder of what holds us together

A Boydseye View – Dream… a Better Day

Through all the chaos – the genius of the song had us all ending together. Dream (rest, rest) a better day! Same words, same beat, a couple of harmonies. No matter where we’d wandered in the song, no matter if we’d gotten confused or lost, no matter if we’d become separated from others singing our part. Together, with joy and a fair amount of disbelief, we could ‘dream…a better day.’

Ken’s Pennings – People of Faith and Religious Diversity Unite

January 20, 2016 Last October I was privileged to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah – five days of learning, growth and interaction with thousands of people from all over the world representing all kinds of religions. There was colorful art and costumes, beautiful dancing, inspiring music, splendid processions, […]