A Boydseye View – The Way of Self Offering by Winton Boyd

Winton Boyd

All around us worlds are dying and new ones are being born.

Ken’s Pennings: “How Might We Bend with the “Arc of the Moral Universe?”

Tony Robinson

From my point of view, some of us may need to bend with “the arc of the moral universe” in standing against … the mass incarceration of young black men for crimes of poverty

Confirmation—What Does this Rite Mean to Us? by Tammy Martens


What we (pastors) have been considering is the hope that once youth are confirmed they feel and know that they are now part of a community that blesses others; that they internalize this calling and are supported by ORUCC to live out this calling.

“A Boydseye View: The Whisper of God” by Winton Boyd

Winton Racine 2014

Nothing builds community and deepens spirituality like a place set a time and a place ‘set apart.’

Ken’s Pennings – The “Grin & Bear it” of Employment


Our work lives can be tough…