Ken’s Pennings – The “Grin & Bear it” of Employment


Our work lives can be tough…

Why we tell these stories – A Christmas Eve sermon by Winton Boyd


We read them each year for the same reason we tell family stories over and over. We need a small or particular story to tell a big truth.

Ken’s Pennings – O Tannenbaum

Christmas Tree

It is December: we have entered the dormant, waiting time of the year.

A Boydseye View: By The Power Vested In Me By The State Of Wisconsin…

Winton Racine 2014

Since I began serving ORUCC in January of 1999, I’ve officiated at 34 traditional weddings, 4 same sex weddings and 4 renewal of vows services. Saturday morning, as I presided at my (and our) first LEGAL same sex wedding in the state of Wisconsin, I declared “by the power vested in me by the State […]

Tammy’s Time – It’s a Middle School Remix Year


This year we are offering the 6th-8th graders a “remix” year and we continue our exploration of what it means to follow Jesus, to living non-violently, and to be advocates for peace and justice.