The Future of Faith – A Boydseye View

Winton Boyd

Recently I was meeting with a small group from the Ministry of Adult Faith Formation as we began looking at an exciting series of worship and adult offerings for September and October on the topic of “Evolutionary Christianity.” (EC) Bruce Sanguin, in an introduction to the DVD we’ll be using this fall writes, “Our ancestors […]

Ken’s Pennings – Off on Sabbatical

Ken's sabbatical books

I’m so very grateful to ORUCC for this time away to rest, read, reflect, renew, rejuvenate, and reinvent myself in the world.

Witnessing Pain, Embodying Love – A Boydseye View

Winton Boyd

For over a year now, I have been moved beyond words by the grace-filled love of this congregation in the midst of a horrible and confusing situation.

Ken’s Pennings – Laughter, the Best Medicine

ken in winter

A cautiously amused cardiologist continued about the need for open heart surgery, and John responded, “That’s fine, as long as I’m in the garden by May, either digging from on top of the soil or resting peacefully under the soil.”

Ken’s Pennings – A Helpful Change in Perception

ken in winter

For me, the silence between them and me all these years has been deafening!