Ken’s Pennings – Laughter, the Best Medicine

ken in winter

A cautiously amused cardiologist continued about the need for open heart surgery, and John responded, “That’s fine, as long as I’m in the garden by May, either digging from on top of the soil or resting peacefully under the soil.”

Ken’s Pennings – A Helpful Change in Perception

ken in winter

For me, the silence between them and me all these years has been deafening!

A Boydseye View: Why Ash Wednesday?


People of all ages are welcome to this service. There’s something quite holy that occurs when we share the ashes with one another. There’s something quite holy about leaving the service with a mark of life’s fragility and beauty on our forehead. There’s something holy that happens as we sing prayers of faithfulness while sitting around a labyrinth pattern that images the winding, often mysterious path our lives take.

The Story of Our African Drums: Tammy’s Time


The story of how ORUCC received 18 African Drums is always a fun story for me to recount. Once upon a time there was a church that needed some drums..

Ken’s Pennings – An Unexpected Gift from Grief

ken in winter

Our lives were entwined on so many levels, and losing a friend like Tim is very difficult for me.