Just Humans, but also Humanitarians, preached by Tammy Martens on July 26, 2015

…But Friedman would argue that increased knowledge, instead of helping, adds to the anxiety, to our feelings of inadequacy…

Crazy in Love, preached by Ken Pennings on July 19, 2015

“What does crazy-God-love look like (or feel like) for progressive liberal Christians?”

A Boydseye View: Leaning Into Trust


On the one hand, we pray to the God of our Baptism who ‘will not let you go’; and to the God of Justice who says, “Yo! You! Go! Love, because you have been loved.’

Mission Roanoke – A Summary of This Year’s High School Mission Trip, by Tammy Martens


Thank you Orchard Ridge UCC for your support of these trips!

“I Trust in God Alone – I Trust in God, Indeed,” preached by Winton Boyd on July 12, 2015


Sometimes it is the less familiar translation of a word that opens up new avenues for exploring our faith. Psalm 62 offers one of these opportunities.