“Encountering the Other” preached by Dan Hines on Sunday, August 10.

Dan and Wint

The Rev. Dan Hines from Kamloops, British Columbia, preached at ORUCC on Sunday August 10. He did not use a manuscript so we offer this audio version only. Dan is a colleague and friend of Winton Boyd in their shared work as facilitators for the Center for Courage and Renewal. He hails from Kamloops, British […]

Rev. Boyd speaks at press conference launching “Wisconsin Unites for Marriage” on August 7


As a person of faith, I believe that religion should be used as an instrument of love and tolerance rather than to promote discrimination.

“The Dance of Architecture: Rhythm / Stewardship / Transcendence” preached by Peter Tan on August 3, 2014


              This is the slide show that goes along with Peter’s sermon/talk.

Sunday Reflection by Helene U. on July 27, 2014


You also gave me the opportunity to experience a vibrant, welcoming and curious church, a church that allows you to question things, a church where the non-believer can be honest, a church where you listen to each other. You are a church that takes the risk of opening itself to the neighborhood. All these things can’t be taken for granted – they are really rare in all the churches I’ve been to in different countries.

“History, Known and Unknown” preached by Winton Boyd on July 20

Winton Boyd

We share a faith tradition that has been “embodied” from its inception; encouraging, even urging us to not isolate or disconnect ourselves so that through one another and our collective experience of life, we can wade through anguish and despair with the trust that at some point we’ll know the love of our Creator