“Preserving Our Ministry” campaign nets $190,000

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Music Groups begin in earnest

Music is a big part of our life here at Orchard Ridge UCC. Every fall, our music groups regather for the coming year.

Overview of Painting the Stars series

Overview of Painting the Stars “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers: ‘Grow, grow’…” —The Talmud “I believe that what Christianity was to Judaism, science is to Christianity.  Science is reformed Christianity; it is a community of members who must tell the truth to one another as they explore […]

Fall Series: Painting the Stars-Science, Religion and Evolving Faith


For too long, progressive Christians have been saddled with the so called rift between Science and Religion. This series will use the insights of leading theologians and our own experiences to explore the way in which our faith is part of a larger evolutionary process.

Labors and Love, preached by Winton Boyd on Sunday, August 31

Winton Racine 2014

But, behind any set of numbers are people. Many of them are working against great odds. We are seeking to understand more deeply what it means to be advocates, and companions, even when the stories don’t always end on an upbeat note.