Resurrection and the Beauty of Disillusionment, preached by Winton Boyd on April 10, 2016

…disillusionment is the whole point of belonging to the Church and other healthy, human relationships.

From Your Pastors: Safe Sanctuary Policy—Important Procedures for Our Church

Recent events have reinforced the importance and power of a congregational commitment to being a “Safe Sanctuary” Church for all children.

“Holy Breath,” preached by Tammy Martens on April 3, 2016

It is this quality of being—of looking at one another and releasing one another’s brokenness that is healing and life giving here in our church.

Poets of Resurrection, preached by Winton Boyd on Easter 2016

Our churches need more poetry. Especially on Holy Week. So this week, let us not be theologians or philosophers. Let us seek to be poets.

Honest Thresholds, preached by Winton Boyd on March 20, 2016

We know from our vantage point post Easter that Jesus understands the long game.