#OurCommunityMatters – Opening words in the wake of the death of Tony Robinson, led by Winton Boyd on Sunday, March 8

But, brothers and sisters, we have been confronted and blessed with yet another powerful and pivotal moment.

“To Me and My Family, This is the North” – A First Reflection on our Borderlands Immersion Trip


Winton Boyd offers an initial reflection on our recent Borderlands Immersion Trip, hosted by Borderlinks in Tucson, Arizona.

Confirmation—What Does this Rite Mean to Us? by Tammy Martens


What we (pastors) have been considering is the hope that once youth are confirmed they feel and know that they are now part of a community that blesses others; that they internalize this calling and are supported by ORUCC to live out this calling.

Bread as Peacemaking, preached by Ken Pennings on March 1

ken in winter

What I really love about Sara Miles’ book “Take This Bread” is that she really gets how feeding people is a sacred act.

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