Failure and Grace, preached by Winton Boyd on March 23, 2014

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Is there anything more mesmerizing than a campfire?  Especially at night, in the dark?  When our kids were young, we went to several family camps in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Days of playing in the dusty dry mountain fields, platform tents, and ice-cold stream usually ended around a campfire.  A colleague brought out a banjo, […]

Ken’s Pennings – Laughter, the Best Medicine

ken in winter

A cautiously amused cardiologist continued about the need for open heart surgery, and John responded, “That’s fine, as long as I’m in the garden by May, either digging from on top of the soil or resting peacefully under the soil.”

Service Beyond our Comfort Zone, preached by Winton Boyd on March 16


How and where are you being invited/called to serve in ways that push you out of your comfort zone? Do you have a spiritual practice that helps you live gracefully in the face of such discomfort?

Lenten Devotional 2014

We’ve created an original devotional to go along with our Lenten Series, BY FAITH THIS FAR.  You’ll be able to read from the voices of 11 ORUCC writers.  Hard copies are available at church. BY FAITH THIS FAR – Lent 2014 at ORUCC 

ORUCC welcomes Malcom Himschoot on April 6


Continuing our exploration of gender identity and gender expression in the context of our faith