Resilient Faith – A New Lens preached by Winton Boyd on December 21, 2014


Whatever images we have of the manger and that holy family nestled together, with or without the animals and other family members – these Christmas stories reveal people finding God more amidst flight than at home, more on the road than in one place, with a star or a dream to guide them for sure, but with the threat of violence all around. However unsettled we are in these days, God, we pray, provide us a star by which we journey in faith.

Ken’s Pennings – O Tannenbaum

Christmas Tree

It is December: we have entered the dormant, waiting time of the year.

Longest Night Service on Saturday, December 20 at 7 p.m.


Each year on or near the winter solstice we hold this contemplative service. Our service is a time to honor, acknowledge, and meditate upon darkness. As we pay attention to the natural seasons, we know that even in darkness, new life is being born. As we approach the celebration of Christmas, we remember God’s promise […]

December 14 New Members of ORUCC

Tim and Melissa Ruder, Sofia, Everett and Sullivan

We welcome these New Members to ORUCC.

Triptik to God’s Joy, preached by Winton Boyd on December 14


each story about these slightly mysterious characters carries meaning and power for a whole community of people, a way of thinking, and a lived experience. They are not just individuals but symbols of collective hope.