Sunday Reflection by Helene U. on July 27, 2014


You also gave me the opportunity to experience a vibrant, welcoming and curious church, a church that allows you to question things, a church where the non-believer can be honest, a church where you listen to each other. You are a church that takes the risk of opening itself to the neighborhood. All these things can’t be taken for granted – they are really rare in all the churches I’ve been to in different countries.

“History, Known and Unknown” preached by Winton Boyd on July 20

Winton Boyd

We share a faith tradition that has been “embodied” from its inception; encouraging, even urging us to not isolate or disconnect ourselves so that through one another and our collective experience of life, we can wade through anguish and despair with the trust that at some point we’ll know the love of our Creator

The Future of Faith – A Boydseye View

Winton Boyd

Recently I was meeting with a small group from the Ministry of Adult Faith Formation as we began looking at an exciting series of worship and adult offerings for September and October on the topic of “Evolutionary Christianity.” (EC) Bruce Sanguin, in an introduction to the DVD we’ll be using this fall writes, “Our ancestors […]

The Holy Spirit Infusion, preached by Tammy Martens on July 13, 2014


And the third quality that is part of the Holy Spirit infusion package is joy. Aren’t you glad he included this? We can experience deep and lasting joy in our spiritual lives. Do you experience joy in the Spirit?

Faithfulness in the wake of Independence Day, preached by Winton Boyd on July 6, 2014

Winton Boyd

So often in our collective psyche, the church has been guilty of suppressing honest criticism, or maybe worse, pretending we don’t hear the voice of the poor and outcast who wonder if there is a place for them here. For too long, much of the church in America has merged faithfulness and patriotism.