Worship and Work Sunday – May 17, 2015


Photos from this year’s work day!

Connection before Correction, preached by Winton Boyd on May 17, 2015

Winton Boyd

Connection before correction is a mantra we caregivers of traumatized children have learned to practice. Connection in the aftermath of trauma is terrifying – fraught with resistance and doubt. It can’t be rushed. Thankfully love is patient and kind, even when firm. But it moves, moves, moves toward oneness,

I Beg You Remember Them, preached by Winton Boyd on May 10, 2015

Winton Boyd

Is Porter inviting us to the power of honest confession and confusion to open our heart? Is she inviting us lean even more deeply into our broken heart, our limited vision; in order that we might grow in meeting the world as God meets it? Gracefully, lovingly, compassionately?

Seed of Faith, preached by Tammy Martens on April 26, 2015


We begin our faith journey long before we can put language to it…Very young children are capable of having profound mystical experiences that they carry into adulthood. These experiences often have to do with a sense of awe at the larger universe—this is when that seed of Christ starts to awaken.

Honoring the Voiceless – Reflections from a Borderlands Immersion Trip, April 19th


Some moving reflections on the issues around immigration from members of our Borderlands Immersion trip.