A People Becoming: Religion, Science and an Evolving Faith #3 preached by Winton Boyd on September 28

Winton Racine 2014

The audio recording of this sermon includes a ‘word of witness’ by Susan Jane Watson of Orchard Ridge UCC; in which she speaks to the power of this discussion of Science and Religion in her own walk of faith. Sermon: I have a friend/colleague in Bellingham, Washington who is using this material from Painting the […]

“Gratitude, a Valuable Companion on the Journey” preached by Ken Pennings on September 21, 2014

ken in winter

The Psalms of Lament affirm our God-given right and privilege to bring everything to God in prayer, to bring everything to the community of faith including that which devastates and crushes us.

Border Walking: Religion, Science and Evolving Faith, #2 – preached by Winton Boyd on September 14

Winton Racine 2014

Author John Shea calls Jesus a “border walker who spent time at the margins of society, where different cultures and world views and mindsets come into contact, even collided. Pushing, encouraging, exploring, investigating. Much like the life that happens biologically at the membrane of a cell.”

The Courage to Be- A Boydseye View (May 2011)

  A Boydseye View A few months ago, I wrote this article (adapted for our use here) for a newsletter of the Center for Courage and Renewal. As many of you know, I’ve been facilitating retreats for a number of years under the title of “Courage to Lead.” For more information on this organization and […]

Jazz for the Jails – Saturday, October 4

Chance Allies 13

Orchard Ridge UCC welcomes CHANCE ALLIES for a benefit concert on Saturday, October 4.