Wayfinding, preached by Winton Boyd on February 7, 2016

The story of traditional wayfinders, the stories of Hebrew faith, remind us that today we orient ourselves as humans have always done. Just as the Oceanic people are trying to reclaim a traditional practice for their own cultural and spiritual survival, our time and age compels us to remember and reclaim something that’s been part of our journey for generations.

A Boydseye View – Dream… a Better Day

Through all the chaos – the genius of the song had us all ending together. Dream (rest, rest) a better day! Same words, same beat, a couple of harmonies. No matter where we’d wandered in the song, no matter if we’d gotten confused or lost, no matter if we’d become separated from others singing our part. Together, with joy and a fair amount of disbelief, we could ‘dream…a better day.’

Night Sky – The Way Back Home, preached by Winton Boyd on January 31, 2016

Living in the presence of the night sky places us in ‘close proximity to the big questions.”

A prayer for our church!

From star dust and galaxy, from mountaintop to ocean depth.

Day Sky – Beautiful Boundaries, preached by Tammy Martens on January 24, 2016

God speaks, God separates. We begin to see that the creative activity of God has to do with separating and setting boundaries.