Psalm 150- Don’t Rush the Hallelujahs! preached by Winton Boyd on August 23, 2015

Winton Boyd

If we persist in prayer, laugh and cry, doubt and believe, struggle and dance and then struggle again, we will surely end up at (Psalm 150)…

Psalm 30 and Thin Moments, preached by Winton Boyd on August 16, 2015

Iona Abbey

But seeking literal truth or lock step agreement with the psalmist is not why we use them in worship. “The purpose is less propositional and more sacramental…”

UCCI Campital Campaign Celebration Dinner


Have fun and show your support for our camps all in one night!

The Vocabulary of Faith, preached by Winton Boyd on August 2, 2016

Winton Boyd

…even as we learn infant vocabulary and letters, we are doing so within a community of trust… As such, even as infants, we are developing a ‘vocabulary of faith.

Just Humans, but also Humanitarians, preached by Tammy Martens on July 26, 2015

…But Friedman would argue that increased knowledge, instead of helping, adds to the anxiety, to our feelings of inadequacy…