A Word Out of Place, preached by Winton Boyd on December 4, 2016

Against all the realities of exclusion and bullying and limitation and wondering – is this not the world we want to work for, give our hearts to?

Living with Complexity: Less Whining, More Defining, preached by Tammy Martens on November 27

…But if God is on the side of life and life shows itself in ever increasing complexity, then part of our task is to live into this complexity which may help us become more fully alive.

Tammy’s Time: Advent

It was not until the Middle Ages that the Advent season was explicitly linked to Christ’s first coming at Christmas.

Ken’s Pennings – Two Important Ministry Teams at ORUCC

In his book Integral Christianity, Paul Smith reflects on what it is in church life that transforms lives, and advocates for changes that deepen our connection to God and to one another.

You Will Be Disappointed, preached by Winton Boyd on November 20, 2016

…Disappointment is inescapable but necessary; a misunderstood mercy and when approached properly, an …engine of trust and generosity in a human life.