A WORD A DAY – 2017 Lenten Devotional


Our focus for the season of Lent this year at Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ will be the gospel of Mark. We’ll be offering home groups to read and discuss the gospel; we’ll be focusing on it throughout worship services; we’ll be offering a one-person drama called According to Mark; and we are offering this devotional for use at home. Almost 20 different writers have contributed to this booklet. After being randomly assigned a text from the gospel, we invited them to write about one word or short phrase in the text or inspired by the text. We have a reflection for each day of Lent. On the Sundays (which are technically not part of Lent), we’ve listed the text that from which the day’s sermon will be preached.

Rather than asking for a scholarly discussion of the gospel, we were looking for a heartfelt response to the teachings, actions and life of Jesus. We invite you to read each day’s verse twice, read the reflection, but also notice the word(s) that speak to you. How does it challenge or comfort you? What are you curious about? How does it help you reflect on your faith? Maybe you could carry the word with you all day; maybe you could read it with others in your life. We hope the short length of each day’s offering will make this a useful and versatile guide for your walk of faith through the season. Unless otherwise noted, the Scripture version used in the New International Version. (Winton Boyd and Kim Kaspar)

A WORD A DAY Lenten Devotional